Dr Kelly Tremblay, PhD portrait in blue duotone

Kelly Tremblay, PhD

Advisory Board Member

Dr. Tremblay worked as a tenured Professor of Neuroscience and Audiology for more than 20 years, where she held the position as the Director of the Brain and Behavior Laboratory. She’s also a contributor to The World Health Organization “World Report on Ageing and Health” published in 2015 and co-author of the “Guidelines for Integrated Care for Older People” and its toolkit, published in 2019. She also referees research grants for the National Institutes of Health Communication Disorders Review Committee.

Her mission is to help keep the aging world connected and productive. To implement this mission, she retired from her Professorship of twenty years so she could expand her impact beyond academia by serving as an independent consultant, innovator, and advocate.

To help optimize the aging journey, Dr. Kelly Tremblay, PhD founded Lend an Ear, Inc. coaching and consulting where she works to bridge the divides between academia, business, and culture with science-driven insights that deliver tangible benefits for an aging world. As a lifelong educator and passionate advocate for aging people, she empowers groups and individuals with the knowledge to live healthier, stay connected, and remain more productive throughout life.

For human resources, she is committed to making the work environment age-friendly and more accessible by helping companies identify ways to attract, support, and retain talent. Dr. Tremblay also serves as a coach to senior-level C-suite professionals who are undergoing career transitions and looking to carve out new roles for themselves in years ahead.

For technology companies, she helps teams develop more germane products, better services, and sharper appeals to capture more of the mature market.

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