Jodi Starkman

Board Member

Jodi is an Organization Transformation Leader and Future-of-Work Champion “Advancing the interests of people and organizations”. Her personal mission is dedicated to enhancing the effectiveness and shared success of organizations and the people who lead and work for them. In more than thirty years as a collaborative leader, advisor, change agent, and coach, she has partnered with clients to transform and align their culture, structure, talent, and technology with business strategy to enhance performance and drive results.

Her experience includes working with organizations across multiple industries, business models, and stages of maturity. Whether working on transformation initiatives with Fortune companies like Disney and HP or with global NGOs like the World Bank and Project Concern International.

She believes the future of work in our digital economy will bring incredible opportunities for growth, along with challenging disruptions to people and organizations. In her current role as executive director of a private research foundation – Innovation Resource Center for Human Resources (IRC4HR) – she is focused on funding action research and curating insights about the implications of technology and digital disruption on the future of work, organizations, people, and leadership. She also continues to do part-time consulting and coaching on these topics and is a co-author in the recently published book, Black Holes and White Spaces: Reimagining the Future of Work and HR.

Follow Jodi @orgs4humans and Linkedin.