Katrina Busselle

Advisory Board Member

I specialize in helping entrepreneurs hire their #2.

This passion for helping visionaries is fueled by 25+ years of professional experience leading teams, growing business, and managing account relationships.

I leverage skills honed by my graduate degree in conflict resolution. My areas of expertise include, accountability, business process, strategic planning, and communications.

How did I come to be part of amazing community?  Invited by Amy Armitage, I attended the Inclusion by Design Conference in the Fall of 2018. I had no idea what to expect.  At that point, I was trying everything.

2018 was excruciating. I was mired in the challenges of looking for work as an older woman. If you are inspired, read my blog post on this topic. Just minutes into the morning of the first day, I knew the amazing community women were my tribe, my people.  I emerged confident, a pocket stuffed with business cards, and a new understanding I was not alone (or crazy.)

Amazing community of a gathering of women who are committed to one another’s success, and paving the way. We do this while recognizing the deck is stacked so we need new skills, a robust network, and to ask for help.

The unmistakable truth is, we will get further, together.