Leslie Morrison Faerstein

Executive Director

Leslie met Stela over coffee in September 2017 and before the coffee was cold, she agreed to be Executive Director of amazing.community. As an older woman struggling to find the right position for herself, Leslie found Stela’s passion and enthusiasm contagious and the mission resonated deeply with her. She has had over 40 years of experience in nonprofit administration, establishing and growing several different organizations (mental health, arts in healthcare, voluntarism in urban schools) from a local presence in New York City to a national presence in multiple cities. Leslie also has a small private psychotherapy practice in New York City specializing in aging women, eating disorders and trauma.
She earned an Ed.D. from Teachers College, Columbia University and an M.S. from Columbia University School of Social Work.
Follow Leslie @LFaerstein and linkedin.com/in/leslie-morrison-faerstein.